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Wreckless Pantry - Testing a Crap Load of Ramen

Ramen.  Just the mere mention of this ubiquitous student staple makes me cringe.  I’ve had plenty of the stuff, but I thought I had left it far behind when I graduated from law school.  What used to be a really cheap meal is no longer appealing to me.  Dress it up with slices of meat, fresh vegetables, or an egg and it’s still ramen.  Whenever I get the craving for noodles at home, I usually stick to pho or udon.  They’re both available fresh over in my area and are a considerable improvement over ramen.  So while at the local supermarket the other day, I had a really bad idea.  It’s time to test some ramen.  So I purchased one of every variety of ramen and cup noodles that was on the shelf, called a few friends to be my test subjects and started boiling a lot of water.
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Wreckless Pantry - The Money Shot

                                                                             Food Porn.  With so many TV shows, magazines and blogs about food, food porn is everywhere.  Countless books are filled with pictures of artfully crafted dishes that look aesthetically perfect.  Then there’s the other side of the coin.  If you’re a big fan of Wreckless Eating, you’ve probably run across the exact opposite of food porn-pictures of really bad food that really turn your stomach and make you want to avoid that product at all costs.  On nearly every top ten list of worst canned foods known to man is canned whole chicken.  While it doesn’t sound that bad, a food blogger took some really nasty looking photos and Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chicken became a legendary product.
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Why Does it Hurt So Bad?

Now that the Wreckless Eating crew burned off all their taste buds in the Source, Ghost Chili, & Satan's Shit combined challenge, I thought some viewers may want to know more about the science behind why this occurs when you pop a pepper in your mouth. In order to help I went out and found a great article that explains all the science behind the burn. As always we never reccomend doing any of these challenges that we do at home. We are trained idiots, and that kind of training takes a lifetime. Just click the link below to learn more about the science behind the heat!



Wreckless Pantry - The Dark Side

What is food?  For most people, food is sustenance.  That’s how our relationship with food starts out.  As the relationship evolves, food comes to mean many more things like pleasure and coming together with friends and family.  Then something strange happened along the way.  It started when I was young.  I was in Taiwan visiting family and went to a banquet.  I was happily eating some unidentified meat that no one else touched.  It turned out to be some sort of sea snail.  A few other people tried it, but ended up gagging on it.  The mere thought of chomping on a snail was too much for them to take.  At that point, I came to the realization that food could be so much more.  Food could be a weapon.  It could cause pain-and if used correctly, it could be very entertaining.  And so my relationship with the dark side started. 

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